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Data Explorer

Data Explorer is a robust Business Intelligence OLAP analysis and reporting tool.  It is extremely powerful, flexible and robust while maintaining a unique easy-to-use capability.  It is the window into the managerial reporting and analysis of your QuickBooks accounting database.

Dimension and Measures
Data Explorer is your window into the data stored in the accounting database.  It provides access through multi-dimensional data cubes defined by one or more Dimensions and a set of measures. 

Each of these dimensions (the exact dimensions vary dependent upon the specific accounting system version you are using) - typically

  • Customer,
  • Item,
  • Invoice,
  • Job,
  • Employee,
  • Vendor,
  • Time and
  • Growth

are represented by different hierarchical levels of attributes such as product category and class for the Item dimension or customer and job type for the Job dimension. 

Each of these dimensions can be represented as a row or column in a tabular table or as an axis on a graph or plot.  Combined with these dimension are a set of Key Performance Indicators or Measures that provides values for each cell in the data cube.  Typical measures might be Sales, Units sold, Gross Profit, Gross Margin, Rank, etc. 

The specific cubes vary dependent upon the accounting system you are using and/or the configuration you have licensed.  However, typically one or more of the following are provided for managerial analysis and reporting:

  • Item/Job Sales
  • Item/Job Sales & Profit
  • Invoice & Transaction Documents
  • Employee Hours
  • Purchases
  • Profit & Loss.Statements

Combined, these dimensions, measures and cubes provide a robust set of data for managing the various functional areas of the company - Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, etc.

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 With Data Explorer you:
  • Navigate and Select the Dimensions members and Measures you choose for your report or analysis.

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  • Create one or more Views with the report / analysis format desired - Tabular or Graphic Analysis and orient your selected Dimensions onto rows or columns.

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  • Choose the desired Sorting / Ranking, Exceptions reporting and Coloring highlighting options.

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  • Save your report / analysis for future use or Sharing with another team member.