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Data Explorer Suite Overview

Data Explorer Suite (DES) is comprised of four main components - a data structure,  two primary  applications and an administrative function:


DES Cubes - provides a multi-dimensional structure for the various data extracted from QuickBooks.  Several cubes are created to provide unique analytical capabilities.  These cubes are created by the DES Data Navigator application and reported and analyzed by the DES Data Explorer application  more . .


DES Data Navigator - provides access to the accounting  system database, formats the data into a OLAP format and leads the user through the process of data access and launching of specific saved reports and analyses with Data Explorer.  Since individual accounting systems record data differently, there is a specific version for QuickBooks.  more . .


DES Data Explorer - provides a rich, but easy-to-use reporting and analysis of the accounting system data.  Data can be represented in tabular tables, plots and graphs.  Analyses can be saved and reused as more current data is added to the accounting system database.   more . .


DES Server Setup - may need to be used by an Administrator if DES is configured in other than a single computer configuration. more . .  



           Tables and graphs in Data Explorer