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The Employees Cube contains members from the three primary dimensions - Customer, Time and Measures plus a special Employee dimension as well as the  Growth  dimension.  This cube provides the ability to analyze and report details the time sheets of Employees.

The Employee dimension has members for each Employee.  It has three hierarchies:

  • Employee - who members are each individual employee
  • Gender - where employees are categorized by gender
  • Type - where employees are categorized by Employee Type


The following measures are available for the Invoice cube:

  • Hours
  • Employees - number of employees
  • % Employee Hrs - Percentage of all hours
  • Wks Worked - the number of weeks worked
  • Days Worked - the number of days worked
  • Hours / Week
  • Hours / Day
  • Days / Week

Sales Cube ViewEmployees Cube View with Employees as rows and Measures as columns.