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The P and L cube contains members from the four primary dimensions - Customer, Item, Time and Measures as well as a special Account dimension and the Class, Growth and Report Basis dimensions.

The Account Dimension has two hierarchies - P and L and Names

  • The P and L hierarchy has members the would exist in a typical Profit and Loss report with the ability to drill down into the Income member, the Cost of Goods member, the Expense member and the Other Income and Expense member.
  •   The Names hierarchy has all accounts listed by name.

The Report Basis Dimension has two member - Accural and Cash - to allow for a comparitive analysis of Cash basis and Accural basis accounting.

Measures for the P and L cube are limited to

  • Amount
  • % Parent
  • % Income
  • % Net

the latter three providing for conventional percentage analyses.

P and L ViewP and L cube View
P and L Cube after drill down P and L cube View after drill down on Expenses