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The SalesDocs Cube contains members from the four primary dimensions - Customer, Item, Time and Measures plus a special SalesDocs dimension as well as the Class and Growth  dimensions.  This cube provides the ability to analyze and report individual line itdetails for each sales document including Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices, Sales Receipts and Credit Memos.

The SalesDocs dimension has members for each of the documents mentioned above.  It has a single hierarchy:

  • Type - Sales documents broken into the following categories: Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice, Sales Receipt or Credit Memo

The following measures are available for the Invoice cube:

  • Amount
  • Quantity
  • Invoiced Quantity
  • Not Invoiced
  • Price
  • RatePerct
  • Rate
  • Ship Date
  • Due Date
  • Item Type
  • Item Count
  • Document Count
  • Customer Count
  • Item Description

SalesDocs Cube ViewSalesDocs Cube View with Item Dimension nested within SalesDocs Dimension as rows and Measures as columns.