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The Transactions Cube contains members from the three unique dimensions - Account, Entity and Transaction - plus the Time and Measures dimensions.  This cube provides the ability to analyze and report details of any financial transaction entered into QuickBooks.

The Account dimension lists all the Accounts available and used in QuickBooks.

The Entity dimension lists all the Customers, Vendors and Employees available in QuickBooks.

The Transactions dimension has members for each financial transaction entered into QuickBooks.  It has two hierarchies:

  • Transaction - each individual transaction
  • Type - where each transaction is categorized by transaction type.


The following measures are available for the Transactions cube:

  • Balance
  • Credit
  • Debit
  • Account
  • Entity
  • Transaction
  • Txn Date
  • Txn Seq#

Transactions Cube ViewTransactions Cube View with Transactions Dimension Transaction hierarchy as rows and Measures as columns.